Vervantis Completes Program to Provide Energy Solutions Nationwide

PUC licenses for all American energy markets have now been obtained, allowing energy procurement in direct access, deregulated energy markets across the United States. North American corporations now have more options when looking for a national energy procurement partner.

Vervantis completed its program to gain license approvals from Public Utility Commissions in all US states with a competitive energy market in record time, establishing a number of local offices to support its operations.

“Establishing ourselves across the US was imperative to service our clients effectively, and I am delighted we have completed this important stage of our expansion so quickly. It was our number one priority to be able to offer our solutions to enterprises with multiple locations straight away so they had a fresh choice for independent energy advice, wherever they are located” exclaimed VP of Business Development – Dan Moat.

Vervantis now offers solutions nationally for Energy Procurement, Sustainability, Clean Tech, Utility Bill Management, Data Management and Regulated Services.

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